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Milkshake Hack

About a year ago Morticia was in the mood for a chocolate milkshake and so I ventured out the confines of our castle to quest for a cool treat on a hot day. When I hit the drive-thru their shake machine was working, BUT they were out of chocolate. Disappointed spouses are the parents of inspiration and after considering it for a moment I ordered a couple of vanilla shakes.

We'd just got a Nutribullet so I figured: What the hell? I'll just add in some Hershey's Dark Chocolate, which Morticia likes better anyway! Sure enough, the day was saved!

Unless it's a malt, we no longer order flavored shakes. Soon we began experimenting with grown-up ("adult" is a 4-letter word in the Kane homestead) shakes by adding alcohol. Recently we'd found a small Missouri distillery in Labadie that besides Bourbon they make flavored liqueur. It's called the Samuel Berton Distilling and our favorite is their Coffee Liqueur. Their Oatmeal Spice Whiskey is a nice surprise as well, tasting like the iced oatmeal cookies in your grocer's cookie aisle.

I had no choice but to try the Coffee Liqueur in a shake along with Dark Chocolate syrup. And it was fantastic! And it's easy to make:

  1. Pour vanilla shake into Nutribullet

  2. 1-shot Coffee Liqueur

  3. Hershey's Dark Chocolate Syrup to taste

  4. Mix

The end result is smooth, tasting like a mocha milkshake. It also fills out these awesome skull mugs Morticia found somewhere. (I don't ask where she gets her macabre stuff, it's better I don't know.) As we head into a summer where it's already hitting 100 here, this makes a refreshing drink after a long day at work or a lazy weekend afternoon.

NOTE: I have not received any consideration for any of the products mentioned here. But hey mention you heard about the Distillery here and maybe they'll give me a bottle of the Oatmeal Spice Whiskey!

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Kayla Randolph
Kayla Randolph
Jun 16, 2022

If anything is worth leaving the castle for, it's chocolate. 🍫

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