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An Exciting Few Weeks!

A little behind schedule, my first book The Hidden Lives of Dick & Mary: Two Novellas of Supernatural Suspense, is now a real thing. Sure, it's not officially released (that happens on May 4th!) but the production phase has concluded and it's now live on IngramSpark. Which means it's available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Being on B&N is special because I was once a Bookseller and that's where I met my wife, Morticia.

What's even better than having it available for pre-order: getting advanced copies!

Holding your book in your hand is a profound moment. This is something that has gone from being an abstract idea in your mind to various electronic forms and finally something tangible you can hold in your hands.

There have been some humorous bumps in the road. Turns out there's another Xavier Kane who writes gay erotica. So going forward I'm adding my middle name, Poe, to my work. (Which is why the epub is showing as in revision.)

Now to get the book added to my Goodreads profile and claim my author's account!

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