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The Hidden Lives of Dick and Mary: Two Tales of Supernatural Suspense

From debut author Xavier Kane comes a paranormal pair of tales surrounding the unusual lives and acquaintances of Dick Fischer and Mary Deacon.

Dick Fischer is a medium, and he and his rookie reality show team of ghost hunters find themselves entrenched in the military history of Jefferson Barracks. "Haunted Houses: Gateway to the West and the Beyond" follows the team in St. Louis, Missouri, as they discover spirits both friend and foe and learn what exactly it took to terrify the soldiers who claimed they weren’t afraid of anything.

Mary just wants someone to listen to her and not go running like they’ve just seen a ghost. In "The Tale of Mary Deacon", a young girl who wishes to go to space begins to get more than she bargained for. As she gets older and the abductions more invasive, she must learn who to trust and how.

Both haunting and emotional, The Hidden Lives of Dick and Mary explores what can happen if you open your mind to the existence of things—and people— that go bump in the night.

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Broken Hearts and Other Horrors

An anthology of twisted tales to keep you up at night. From natural terrors such as the shores of Herculaneum in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius to the end of the world, Xavier Kane tells the stories of lost souls trying to find their way through the comedies and tragedies of human existence. All while having to survive against vampires, sasquatch, zombies, and more!

May 2023
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A Mother's Torment

June's world is falling apart. Her marriage lay in shambles after catching her husband in the arms of another woman. She is moving back home with her perfect parents. The last thing she needs is the ghosts she saw as a child coming back to haunt her. Or her two-year-old son, Mikey.

Lillian appears to have it all. A successful career as an ER doctor. A committed, loving husband. A beautiful, if troubled, daughter. And a precocious grandchild. All reunited under one roof; a Nineteenth Century National Guard barracks refurbished into a dream home.

As the family settles into their routines both old and new, June realizes she needs help dealing with the supernatural. After all, it is easier than getting her mom to open up about her biological father. With the help of a local medium, some call a witch, to help her uncover long buried family secrets that may tear her family apart more than any specter...

May 2024
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